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GDI Technology, Inc., a California-based company, locates in East Bay of Silicon Valley, California. We are committed to provide the best quality products.  Our products are designed with you in mind and the needs of tomorrow.  With manufacturing faculties in Dong Guan, China.  You can be sure you will be getting competitive pricing. 

In the market today, having that competitive edge is no longer just the quality or the pricing, People wants more.  As always as at GDI Technology, Inc. you can find our product line giving you that extra more yet keeping the best quality and competitive pricing.  Are you ready for more?  Let GDI Technology takes you to the edge.

Address : GDI Technology, Inc. 39120 Argonaut Way, #222 Fremont, CA 94538


China Factory I San Xin Administration Zone, QingXI Town Dong Guan City, Gunag Dong, China, Number of employee: 1000

China Factory II DaLI Administration Zone, QlingXl Town Dong Guan City, Guang Dong, China Number of employee: 400

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